Im so bad in everything. Tell me, where did i go wrong anw? Why the right thing feels all wrong? WHY?

what's next brah

I decided I'm done, I'm done trying to keep you in my life, struggling alone to fix this relationship, i was busting my ass to solve the root to our problems but you dont even care about it. Why should you try to win that back after i alr losing that hope to keep everything together back.. tots done fighting for your attention. I'm now trying to find the best for me. You promised me to change and try to fix things but your actions prove otherwise. How can i try to believe thet for 127272891 times? Just so you know what you allow is what will continue.. so now it's time to stop and change things. I'm done treating someone better than myself. It's true self care is totally important more than anything.. i wish I'd knewn this gonna be happen before.. 


I take being lied to is very offensive, theres really no worse way to disrespect me. Big or small, lies are lies tho. It just pisses me off how people do stuff to me that i would never do to them. Is it fair?