Im so bad in everything. Tell me, where did i go wrong anw? Why the right thing feels all wrong? WHY?

still hoping the best....

Tbh, im truly believe that everything happens for a reason. But why me?😢 Why should God choose me to face all these things that i cant even bear though. Not suprising ppl would leave me w their promises and comfort me w lies while im trying my fucking best to trust and appreciate them.. Fucking hate this. It is damn sucks ykno. Alr tried alot of things to make everything better, and when everything is doing fine, then its all crashes again? For how many times i shd face this?? 😡😞 
And guess what, if ill do nothing for this, he wont do anything too.. ITS EGO! 
Totally, worst part is i want to stop trying and put all the broken pieces all back together again, but i have to.......😣